Chris Ross

Drums . Percussion . Vocals

Local 47, SAG, ARTRA, N.A.R.A.s



Chris Ross

Drums . Percussion . Vocals

Local 47, SAG, ARTRA, N.A.R.A.s





Chris Ross is a drummer, producer, vocalist and percussionist living in the Los Angeles area. he has toured and recorded with Maria Muldaur, Coco Montoya, Lyle Lovette, Mark Chestnutt, Kenny Loggins, John Waite, Three Dog Night, Grammy Award winner Pete Anderson, and Hall of Fame singer Sam Moore.

Chris has also worked as a house producer for Delta entertainment (the former 4th largest u.s. independent label) with his CD's sold at all major retailers including costco, target & best buy. he has produced cd's in almost every style: jazz, rock, blues, big band, reggaeton & holiday music.

Chris has also worked on multiple theater performances, playing drums, percussion, singing and sometimes acting at such performances as "Atlanta" (Geffen playhouse), "I love My Wife" (brentwood theatre) and the "Simply Shakespeare" Fundraiser with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, at the shakespeare center of la.






Live Performances


Sam Moore - World Tour

El Chicano

Motown Live
- Sam Moore with Denice Williams

Sam Moore with Billy Preston and Isaac Hayes

Kenny Loggins - "Danger Zone" Tour & Disneyland Summer

Television Special

Joe Cocker
- "Top of the Pops"

Monterey Jazz Festival

Mick Taylor and Terry Reid - Club Tour

Eric Gale - Club Tour

John Waite - Club Tour

Danny Tate - Virgin Artist - World Tour

Bonnie Bramlett - Club Tour

Bekka Bramlett

Three Dog Night - Summer Tour

Mary McGregor and Gap Mangione - World Tour

Zacherey Breaux - with Stu Hamm

LA Music Equipment Expo - All Star Jam

NAMM Show - Chuck Rainey & Harvey Mandel

NAMM Show - Drum Equipment Demonstration - Dean


NAMM Show - Paiste Booth

Gibson All Star Jam

Shakespeare Festival –featuring Lyle Lovette  




Jenerators-Pony Up

Dan Hill - Quality Records

Jenerators - "Hit The Silk" with Billy Mumy

Izabella - Virgin Records. Producer Rick Nowels, "Brando Moves" & "I Know There's Someone Out There"

Ben Schultz - TVT Records (featuring Greg Bissonette, Steve Lukather and Chris Ross)

Danny Tate - Virgin Records

Danny Tate - Christmas Records

E.G. Daily - A&M Records

Dona Palmer - Eric Bazilian and Glen Goss Producers

Wes Craven - "Chamelion Blue" Score for TV pilot

Billy Mumy - Babylon 5 Record

Yves Chovard - (Featuring Billy Sheehan & Steve Lukather international release)

Charcoal - Virgin Records (Japanese release)

Punchline - Film soundtrack with Tom Hanks and Sally Fields

Slumber Party II - Film Soundtrack

Inconvenience - HBO Movie

It's Only Make Believe - HBO Movie, POLA Productions, Inc.
Greg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois

Alan Hewlitt

Eric Bazilian - Solo Record

Famous Pies- Vance degeneres




Geo Car - Television

Budweiser - Radio

Coors Light - Radio

Penn West - Television

Channel Lock Tool - Television

Apple Computers - featuring Eric Marienthal and Stu Hamm

Nickelodeon - Television Show - SpongeBob SquarePants Cartoon


Film work/TV Appearances


The Good German starring George Cloone and Kate Blanchett

Danny Tate - Showtime feature and video for VH -1 and CMT

Ednvita Nazario - Capitol Records

John Waite - "Hard Times for Lovers" MTV Video

John Waite - "Don't lose Any Sleep" MTV Video

Kim Carnes - "Coca-Cola" Video

Kenny Loggins - Television Appearances: "Dangerzone," "Playing' with the Boys" and "Meet Me Halfway"

Peter Paterno - Promo video, Hollywood Records

Tom Lubin - "Shaping Your Sound" Instructional Video

Wes Craven
- "Chameleon Blue" Pilot for Television

Punchline - Feature Film with Tom Hanks and Sally Fields

Michelob Light - Commercial (TV)

General Electric - Commercial (TV)

Coors Light - Commercial (TV)

Apple Computers ­ Industrial Video

Osteo bi flex commercial









drums, acting, and singing


house drummer


Soul Picnic

Café Jazz Series - Pier 1 Imports

Christmas Records, Valentine's Day Records - Wal-Mart Distribution

Verve Records Compilations - "Return To Tranquility"

Soundtrack Recording for HBO - "Wings To Fly" camp curry (Christian Record)

Delta ENTERTAINMENT- Songwriter and house producer






"Atlanta" songs written by grammy award winner Marcus Hummon

house drummer                                    "we Spark" breast cancer WITH tony orlando                                                                      AND DAVID CASSIDY


house drummer                                    "simply Shakespear" with Rita Wilson

                                                           and Tom Hanks


house drummer                                     "Lonely Girl" a one woman show about                                                            Dorothy dandrige ft. wanda ray willis


house drummer                                     "I wanna be loved" stories of Dinah Washington                                                              starring Barbra Morrison






3 DW Kits - Including 12 snare drums (recording only)

1 Pearl Recording Kit

2 Vintage ('64-'65) Ludwig Kits

Full Percussion (Recording and Live)

                           Chris is also involved in new product testing and                                        conduct drum clinics.



                                    DW Drums and Hardware


                                     Remo, Inc.


                                     Paiste Cymbals


                                     Vic Firth


                                     Peavey Studio Equipment